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Infinibrand is a unique virtual creative services agency run by designers and technical experts with years of corporate experience. Working virtually enables us to source from a global talent pool and to offer our services to companies worldwide for less than a traditional agency can.

Because 100% of our team has experience supporting global companies, we are uniquely positioned to provide top-level design and development services to support you and your team. We are contractors who can scale up or down based on your needs and we can offer our services  for a fraction of the cost of a traditional design firm.

We give you the right person at the right time at the right price. Our capabilities include Branding & Design, Coding and Application Development, Corporate Communications, Mobile App Development, and Website Development. We understand that every company and project has its own unique challenges and opportunities.
We are ready to meet them head-on.



After 25 years of working for top branding agencies, Paul Nolan founded Infinibrand upon the principle that there must be a more efficient way to provide exceptional creative work and services at lower costs than traditional agencies

Paul Nolan, CEO

After managing freelancers in various locations in a previous role, Paul quickly saw how working virtually brought out the best in everyone. He designed Infinibrand based upon a distributed team model, which enables him to assemble a group of senior-level marketers, designers and creative professionals for each unique client and project.

Paul’s lean approach lends itself to nimble, innovative work. “People who are successful at virtual work are generally responsible self-starters,” Paul said. “The people I choose to collaborate with are seasoned professionals who have been successful enough on their own to trade their traditional 9-5 careers for independent work.”

Infinibrand works with clients of all sizes, from global companies and small businesses and start-ups and individuals. But they all have two things in common.

“Our clients offer brilliant services or products. And they want to scale them”

Infinibrand’s services include: print design, web design, brand identity, motion graphics, viral marketing and more. For more information, chat with us below, call us at 914 302-2185 or request a complimentary quote.



Choosing an agency partner is a big decision. We are a virtual agency, which means we operate a bit differently than other traditional agencies you may come across.

We believe it’s time to disrupt the traditional agency model.

We would rather use your budget to develop solutions, not soy lattes. We would rather trade water coolers for winning work and measuring square footage for measuring success. Because we work virtually, we have low overhead costs – enabling us to offer the same services agencies offer, but at 1/3 of the cost.

We pride ourselves on working with only the best.

Lot of agencies say they offer the best talent. But we really do. Unlike traditional agencies who typically source from a local talent pool, we create a team tailored to your specific needs from a pool of 55M freelancers in the US. This way, we are able to find experts who are a perfect fit for your needs, while only working with the most experienced creative professionals who have 100% success rates with years of proven results.

We understand that every marketing dollar matters.

By using cloud tools to manage costs, we will create a marketing plan and/or solution based upon our research and will bring your project, business or brand to life at a fraction of the cost you would pay a traditional agency.


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